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American Mobster Miami Shakedown (2012)

Mar 09, 2012, View : 3037 , Year: 2012

Nick Romano is a young Italian American fighting his own personal demons. He\’s got a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. Teamed with his crazy but always loyal partner Carlo, the two small time hoods are on the streets trying to hustle and make a living. Nick fits in well with this fast underworld lifestyle that he\’s been caught up in, however this lifestyle has caused a riff between Nick and his girlfriend Vanessa. Nick fights to not lose his loved ones, while trying to stay in good grace with the very powerful local crime boss. All the while, still trying to figure out who he is in life. Genre: Crime | Drama Directed By: Marcus Dreeke Starring: Frank Stallone, Robert Miano, Nino Cimino

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