Head Of State (2003)

Dec 04, 2012, View : 435 , Year: 2003

When a presidential candidate dies unexpectedly in the middle of the campaign, Washington, D.C. alderman, Mays Gilliam is unexpectedly picked as his replacement. Director: Chris Rock Writers: Chris Rock, Ali LeRoi Stars: Chris Rock, Bernie Mac and Lynn Whitfield
  • Year2003
  • Awards10 nominations
  • RatedPG-13
  • Released28 Mar 2003
  • PlotOne candidate for the presidency dies in an accident a couple of weeks before the election. Meanwhile the alderman Mays Gilliam becomes a hero when he rescues a woman and her cat from an old house that would blow up. However his fiancee Kim does not pay his bills and dumps him, and Gilliam loses everything including his fancy car. When Senator Bill Arnot sees the news on television, he plots a scheme with the party advisors Martin Geller and Debra Lassiter to invite Mays to be the party nominee and lose the election for the other candidate, Vice-President Brian Lewis. Four years later, he would be the candidate and would have the chance of winning the election. Mays has a terrible beginning of campaign but when his older brother Mitch Gilliam meets him in Chicago, he advises Mays to be himself. Will he have the chance to be the first African American President of the USA?
  • Runtime95 min
  • GenreComedy,
  • DirectorChris Rock,
  • WriterChris Rock, Ali LeRoi,
  • ActorsDylan Baker, Bernie Mac, Lynn Whitfield, Chris Rock, Nick Searcy,
  • CountryUnited States,

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