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Detonator (2006)

Jan 10, 2017, View : 14730 , Year: 2006

  • Released25 Apr 2006
  • Runtime96 min
  • Year2006
  • AwardsN/A
  • RatedR
  • PlotAfter an undercover mission in Bucharest to disclose an international gang of weapon dealers, the agent Sonni Griffith is assigned to protect the Romanian Nadia Kaminski, the widow of an accountant of the Romanian Mafia. However, the CIA safe house is broken in by the criminals, and Sonni realizes that the information was leaked from inside the Agency. Alone, trusting only in his friend Michael Shepard, Sonni fights to survive and protect Nadia.
  • GenreAction, Thriller,
  • DirectorPo-Chih Leong,
  • WriterMartin Wheeler,
  • ActorsWesley Snipes, Tim Dutton, William Hope, Silvia Colloca,
  • CountryUSA, Romania,

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