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3rd Night ()

Oct 24, 2018, View : 2345 , Year:

  • RatedN/A
  • Year2016
  • Plot3rd NIGHT is an unsettling kitchen sink horror set in the isolated surrounds of country West Australia. The first feature from writer/director Adam Graveley, and starring Jesse McGinn and Robert Hartburn, this nail-biting story unfolds over the first three nights of our couples new life in their farm house. Nothing could ruin their first night except when their beloved cat, Nook, goes missing starting an unnerving and chilling set of events as someone or something watches their every move determined to tear their dream life apart and turn it into a living nightmare. Adam Graveley
  • Awards1 win
  • Year2017
  • Runtime72 min
  • Released26 Aug 2017
  • GenreHorror,
  • DirectorAdam Graveley,
  • WriterAdam Graveley,
  • ActorsConnor Gosatti, Robert Hartburn, Jesse McGinn, Bruce Denny,
  • CountryAustralia,

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