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Nov 16, 2018 News, Entertainment

(Web Desk) - Social media has blurred lines between real and virtual world opening more avenues to reach out to people. A prime example of making the most of living in a more connected world was witnessed when a 41-year-old American woman traveled all the way to Pakistan to marry a 21-year-old boy from Sialkot.

Since, bollywood fans are busy gossiping about Deepika Pedukone and Ranveer Singh marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, another wedding went viral on social media when Maria Helena Abrams and Kashif Ali tied the knot in a Sialkot hotel yesterday; as most of the friendships on social media website are converting into nuptial life same.

Speaking to the press after Nikah ceremony, Kashif said that they became friends over popular social media website instagram.

However, when reporter asked her how she feels about Kashif, she replied with smiling face, "Kashif is wonderful. I love him. He makes me happy."

Talking to media after the wedding, Maria Helena said she felt "very loved, and a little sleepy".

"I don t know whether we ll live in Pakistan or America and it doesn t matter as long as we re together."

Maria Helena, 41, arrived in Pakistan Thursday to tie the knot with 21-year-old Kashif. Their love story started on Instagram some 10 months ago.

Maria also confirmed that she has embraced Islam .

Kashif is a 21-year-old B.Com student from the Raipur village, while Maria is a 41-year-old reiki master, driver and dog trainer from California.[r]  

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