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Music Teacher ()

Apr 30, 2019, View : 1049 , Year:

  • Year1908
  • RatedN/A
  • Released02 May 1908
  • RuntimeN/A
  • Genre Short, Drama,
  • Director N/A,
  • Writer N/A,
  • Actors N/A,
  • Plot
    A young girl, falling in love with a youth, a friend of the house, begs her father for permission to marry the chosen one of her heart, but the head of the family, for reasons of his own, refuses, in a great rage and at the next call the unsuspecting suitor makes at the house he finds the butler changed into an immovable guardian and is forbidden to enter. Returning home and finding a letter from his love telling him that her father wants a female music teacher, our young beau decides on a plan, and we next see him dressing up in feminine clothes and bound for the kingdom of love. On entering, he is introduced to the lord and master of his destinies, and being accepted, at once starts his new career as music instructor. The pupil is very unwilling at first, but when she finds out who the female teacher really is, she takes a sudden renewed interest for Mozart and Shubert. The lesson is going on brilliantly for both parties when the door opens and the father bids his daughter leave the room and starts flirting desperately with the music teacher. Things get so uncomfortable for the disguised lover that he makes an attempt to escape, but his movements being too quick and abrupt, and his wig falling off, the whole plot is discovered. The father wants to expel the intruder, but the youth threatens him with exposure regarding his conduct of a few minutes before if he does not consent to his marrying his daughter. The father reluctantly calls the young bride and joins their hands, making a comical attempt to look happy.
  • LanguageFrench
  • CountryFrance
  • AwardsN/A
  • imdb RatingN/A
  • imdb VotesN/A
  • Typemovie



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