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The Body ()

Feb 22, 2020, View : 12013 , Year:

  • Year2012
  • RatedN/A
  • Released21 Dec 2012
  • Runtime108 min
  • Genre Mystery, Thriller,
  • Director Oriol Paulo,
  • Writer Oriol Paulo (screenplay), Lara Sendim (screenplay),
  • Actors Jose Coronado, Hugo Silva, Belén Rueda, Aura Garrido,
  • Plot
    In the middle of the night, a guard working the night shift at the morgue located deep in the woods has a terrible car accident, and as a result, he is now in a coma, suffering multiple skull injuries and fractures. But what made the guard panic and leave his post in the first place? Furthermore, according to the register, the body of Mayka Villaverde, a beautiful well-off businesswoman, is mysteriously missing from the morgue. Presumably, Mayka died of a heart attack, nevertheless, who signed the death certificate with the autopsy pending? In the end, when in forensic medicine the principle of: "every death is a homicide until proven otherwise" is a basic general rule, finding out who is behind this case shrouded in mystery is going to be an arduous task.
  • LanguageSpanish
  • CountrySpain
  • Awards3 wins & 10 nominations.
  • imdb Rating7.6
  • imdb Votes49,303
  • Typemovie


The Body

Feb 22, 2020

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