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Candy Stripers ()

Mar 31, 2020, View : 7247 , Year:

  • RatedR
  • Runtime89 min
  • PlotIn a lonely road in Wucaipa, something attacks the driver of a car and her blind friend Tammy. They have a car accident; Tammy survives and is sent to the Wucaipa General Hospital. Meanwhile, a high school basketball team fights with the opponents in the square and the captain Matt with a broken leg, and his injured friends Joey and Brian are sent to the same hospital. Tammy is near death and asks the candy striper nurse Janine to kiss her. While kissing as a gesture of sympathy, an alien invades the mouth of Janine and infects her; she infects others nurses, clerks, doctors and patients, initiating an exponential virus outbreak in the hospital. Joey
  • Awards1 win
  • Released27 Jun 2006
  • Year2006
  • GenreSci-Fi, Horror,
  • DirectorKate Robbins,
  • WriterKate Robbins, Jill Garson,
  • ActorsNicole Rayburn, Sarah McGuire, Brian Lloyd, Scott Aaronson, Brianna Berman, Tori White, Deanna Brooks,
  • CountryUnited States,

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