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Enemy Gold ()

Sep 28, 2020, View : 2451 , Year:

  • RatedR
  • Runtime92 min
  • Year1993
  • PlotIn a suicide mission during the American Civil War, two soldiers discover gold which will bury on the root of a big tree, somewhere deep in the woods. More than a century later, three Federal agents in the same forests are on a mission to bust a drug-manufacturing operation run by the ruthless criminal kingpin, Santiago, and his men; however, an unexpected complication will lead to their suspension. Out of sheer luck, the operatives unearth the hidden treasure while on vacation--and from that point on--trouble ensues, as Santiago along with a duplicitous corrupt agent and his deadly personal assassin, Jewel Panther, will hunt them down, one by one. But, can brute force alone stop the expert and lethal agents?
  • AwardsN/A
  • Released03 Jun 1994
  • GenreCrime, Action,
  • DirectorChristian Drew Sidaris,
  • WriterChristian Drew Sidaris, Wess Rahn, Wess Shannon Rahn,
  • ActorsSuzi Simpson, Mark Barriere, Bruce Penhall, Tanquil Lisa Collins,
  • CountryJapan,

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