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A Spark in Nothing ()

Sep 08, 2021, View : 0 , Year:

  • Year2021
  • RatedN/A
  • Released30 Aug 2021
  • Runtime146 min
  • Genre Drama, Romance,
  • Director Griffin Loch,
  • Writer Griffin Loch,
  • Actors Arielle Gottesman, Nika Balina, Corrinne Mica,
  • Plot
    With one single choice everything changes. One life splits into two realities. One chasing a chance at love while the other finds solace in music. If one true path is not found, both realities will cease to exist.A reluctant guardian angle, William finds it challenging to overcome his selfish ways and connect with the boy, James that he is to look after. Unable to see that although different James possesses a kind charm, drawn to the smaller, softer and musical themes of life.It is only in a chance moment William sees that he has overlooked much about James. When he realizes that he has wasted so many lost opportunities in being there for James, William seeking redemption.Overwhelmed with the guilt of the past, William uses his guardian angel gifts to allow James to experience two separate realities based on one single decision. James has the opportunity to live both realities. One decision made, to either pursue the love of music or the hope of following love.William
  • LanguageEnglish
  • CountryUnited States
  • AwardsN/A
  • imdb RatingN/A
  • imdb Votes30
  • Typemovie


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