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The Darling Wife ()

Sep 08, 2021, View : 88 , Year:

  • RatedN/A
  • Released20 Aug 2021
  • Runtime94 min
  • Year2021
  • AwardsN/A
  • PlotTHE DARLING Wife is a suspense horror thriller story. The story revolves around three characters AMAN(AMITABH ACHARYA)PARI(ANKITA CHAKRABORTY) and Pinki(Ushasie Chakraborty). Aman and Pari are husband and wife. Is Pari sick or really seeing a ghost? Or is it connected to her past life? Aman does his best to make his wife happy and Pinky(Governess)tries also her best to make her happy. In spite of all this does Pari becomes normal and is it a happy ending?
  • GenreHorror, Thriller,
  • DirectorBarshali Chatterjee,
  • WriterSoma Chakraborty,
  • ActorsTanika Basu, Tapas Basu, Amitabh Acharya,
  • CountryIndia,

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