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Hytte ()

Sep 29, 2021, View : 0 , Year:

  • Runtime75 min
  • Year2021
  • AwardsN/A
  • RatedN/A
  • Released06 Mar 2021
  • PlotHytte (The Cabin) is a 75-minute feature film that questions the quest for identity in a hyper-globalized society. The film explores 9 months in the life of Luc, a divorced man, and father of seven-year-old Mira. In the middle of preparing his apartment to have Mira live with him, Luc escapes to Svalbard, an archipelago near the North Pole where he improvises a holiday. Stumbling drunk out of an Arctic Oktoberfest Luc meets Mike, a stranger who lives in an isolated cabin in the arctic desert. Mike mysteriously abandons Luc in mid-conversation. Intrigued, Luc decides to find Mike. Along the way, he meets Ingrid, a young Norwegian teacher with whom he builds a connection. Missing his flight home Luc decides to stay with Ingrid and start a new life on the island. Luc rushes into the footsteps of the tourist who remains elusive and volatile, Luc hunts a shadow, his own possibly.
  • GenreDrama,
  • DirectorJean-Louis Schuller,
  • WriterJérémie Dubois, Jean-Louis Schuller,
  • ActorsIngrid Liavaag, Mike Tock, Luc Schiltz,
  • CountryLuxembourg,

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