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Zeher ()

Dec 15, 2021, View : 88 , Year:

  • PlotPolice Inspector Sonia Mehra is married to her subordinate Siddharth, and both are employed by the Goa Police Force. They share a fairly harmonious relationship. Then one day, a woman named Anna Verghese goes missing and is believed dead. To add to this mystery, there is also the question of a suitcase full of cash that is also missing. Sonia assumes charge of this investigation - and the deeper she probes the more sure she is that Siddharth is also somehow involved with both Anna and the missing cash. What she does not know that Siddharth was having an affair with Anna, and is also responsible for stealing the cash. Watch as events unfold that will eventually lead to the two confronting these issues, and how it will affect their marriage.
  • Year2005
  • Released25 Mar 2005
  • Runtime132 min
  • Awards3 nominations
  • RatedNot Rated
  • GenreCrime, Mystery, Drama,
  • DirectorMohit Suri,
  • WriterMahesh Bhatt,
  • ActorsShamita Shetty, Udita Goswami, Emraan Hashmi,
  • CountryIndia,

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