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Deep in the Forest ()

Jun 01, 2022, View : 191 , Year:

  • Year2021
  • RatedR
  • ReleasedN/A
  • Runtime80 min
  • PlotDeep in the Forest is a thriller about a group of progressives who are forced to hide out at a remote ski lodge during a near-future civil war between the American Right and the American Left. Once at the lodge, the group faces life-threatening dangers from not only their obvious enemies, but from within their own ranks as well. Living the Russian proverb, "One meets no friends deep in the forest," each of the group members is forced to ask the old Lefty question, "Which side are you on?"
  • AwardsN/A
  • GenreThriller,
  • DirectorJeremy Dylan Lanni,
  • WriterJeremy Dylan Lanni, Pasquale Lanni,
  • ActorsEva Abramian, Will Bradley, Ursula Brooks,
  • CountryUnited States,

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