Gulmohar ()

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  • Year2008
  • RatedN/A
  • Released07 Oct 2008
  • RuntimeN/A
  • PlotInduchoodan (Ranjith) is the head master of a school. His family consists of his wife Chithra(Meera Vasudev), a son, a daughter and his mother-in-law(Kaviyoor Ponnamma). A friend from past, Harikrishnan(Siddique) visits Induchoodan. It is revealed that Induchoodan was a naxalite in the past and was imprisoned for six years. This triggers flashback to 20 years back. Induchoodan is a guest lecturer in a college. He is a revolutionary who dreams equality and justice and is willing to take up arms against injustice. Induchoodan and his group of six including Harikrishnan,Kuriakose(Nishanth Sagar), Rasheed (Meghanadhan)and Kariyathan(I. M. Vijayan) start an operation named
  • AwardsN/A
  • GenreDrama,
  • DirectorJayaraj,
  • WriterDeedi Damodaran,
  • ActorsRanjith, Siddique, Jagadish,
  • CountryIndia,

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